Julie -- I have about another thirty pages to go in your Lincoln book [The Case of Abraham Lincoln], and I must say that it's such a really really good read that I find myself dreading the end. Not that I care that much about the actual fate of Mrs. Anderson - -after all, she'd be dead by now anyway (as would Lincoln, even without that angry young Booth fellow) -- but because your wonderful prose and incredible "digging" will be coming to an end. I am one of the few people who have actually read a biography of Millard Fillmore (In fact I was the first person to check it out of the library since 1958 - and I live in Buffalo !!), and one of the effects your book has had on me is an epiphany-of-sorts about the importance of the 1856 election on the nation, on Lincoln - and the importance of MF in all of the heat. Locals would believe that he was rather insignificant in the national scheme of things political: NOT SO. Now I have new data to argue otherwise at cocktail parties where our 13th is often raked over the coals, as it were. I loved reading about Old Bob: I've done a fair amount of Lincoln-like reading since childhood, and the only other time where I recall any reference to the man's horse was his participation in the (President's) funeral procession in Springfield in May of 1865. A very nice touch; thank you. And thank you for taking the tons of time to write this excellent book.


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