Special Offer for Inscriptions

If you would like a copy of one of my books specially signed, I'd be happy to oblige.

In fact, I'd be honored.

The Problem:

I would not want to charge you for the postage (and all that).

The Solution:

If you send a book to me here, I'll sign it as you would like and mail it back in a padded envelope.  In exchange for the cost of postage and materials, you can donate five or ten dollars to one of my favorite charities.

Special Offer directions:


1. Contact my office for the mailing address.  

-- Let us know which book is on its way and who sent it: whether you or a mail-order service such as Amazon.  We'll look for it.

And then:

2. I sign the book the way you'd like and send it back to you.

3.  You donate $5-10 to a charity, perhaps my featured charity.

See Below. 


According to my experience, these groups treat donated funds with respect.



Saves wild parrots and their habitats in Costa Rica.


Or please choose another:

Boston Public Library

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation


Thank you for considering this special offer.

                                   -Julie M. Fenster

© 2016 Julie M. Fenster . All rights reserved

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