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George Rogers Clark
JA1 Jefferson portrait by Fields
JA4  Ball-Play of the Women Prairie du Chien
JA2 Mandan Indian on Missouri River
JA14 Zebulon Pike By Peale
JA8 William Dunbar
JA19  Monticello looking west

Adventure; U.S. Presidents, Jefferson

When Thomas  Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis  and William Clark west, he embarked on a full program of exploration, enlisting other men to go into even more dangerous sections of the newly acquired Louisiana Territory.    His  impatience wasn't  motivated by science or personal curiosity.  The 3rd

President was matched in a high-tension battle for the west with America's greatest enemy: Spain.  The stakes were high and Jefferson had few assets, except a collection of colorful patriots, willing to risk their lives in order to bring America to the new territory -- and the new territory back

to America.  JEFFERSON'S AMERICA  shows the cunning Thomas Jefferson, winning the west with his own small army of explorers.  Their exploits are dazzling, their achievements deserving of renown.


Crown Publishers   .   May 2016

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