Critical Response to Jefferson's America

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"Riveting ... Ms. Fenster's forceful account, peppered with succinct formulations and dry wit, shows how Jefferson launched expeditions to stake his claim to this "wilderness" and its people...   This strategy allows her to do what the best popular history should do: offer fresh insights into the minds of these 19th century men, carrying you deeply, irresistably, into a distant landscape.

I enjoyed reading Jefferson’s America the President, The Purchase, and The Explorers who Transformed a Nation so much... One of the main attractions of this Historic non Fiction book is the in-depth knowledge you gain about Thomas Jefferson.

"Visionary ... As an American historian interested in the origins of our nation as it relates to the growth of the Western United States, frontier and Manifest Destiny history, I highly recommend Fenster’s masterful, complex tale of jealousy, rivalry, ambition and greed. She spins a masterful, adventure-filled tale of intrigue, diplomatic maneuverings, and nimble political deal-making for Western lands. Her conclusions on Jefferson’s presidential aspirations for Western expansion will permanently cement any doubts that the Virginian is the father of the American West...